“How do I contact you or one of the bands/people you work with?”

Send us an email at prettybluepresents@yahoo.com

“What is Pretty Blue Presents?”

Pretty Blue Presents is a “company” based in the Oakland/San Francisco Bay area that was started in 2007. We mostly work with bands and things related to music with a large focus on local shows but we are open to ideas of any sort.

“Is it “presents” as in birthday presents or the other pronunciation?”


“I’m in a band booking a tour and we want to come through your area. Can you help?”

We’d love to help but we receive a lot of request from touring bands. We try to help as many as we can but it is simply impossible to help everybody. Send us an email with links to your bands music and the date you are looking for and we will see what we can do. Please try to give us at least three months prior notice to the date that you are looking for but if it’s sooner don’t let it stop you from contacting us.

“Our show got canceled! I know it’s last minute but is there any way you can help?”

We’re willing to try but we can’t make any promises.

“Would Pretty Blue Presents be interested in booking/releasing/promoting/managing my band?

Quite possibly. Send us something to listen to and if we like it we’ll figure something out.

“I want to have live music at my party/bar/club/event. Can you help?”

Yes we can! Let us know what you’re doing and what you want and we’ll see what we can do.

“I need a local band for my show can you help?”

If you need some help we can try to find a band that is available & fits your show for you.

“Hi, I’m an artist. Do you need someone to draw a flier?”

Yes! We constantly need some kind of art done. We probably won’t be able to pay you but if you’re interested I think we can work something out.

“I like what you’re doing. Can I help out in any way?”

Yes! Send us an email so we can discuss it.