Champion Sound

We have a new event showcasing producers. Read all about it at (sorry can’t get links to work right now)

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two new Casy & Brian videos

Check out their website to download their new tracks and see their upcoming tour dates

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Sun in Oakland

The sun is out. Go smoke a blunt at the lake. Bring an 1/8″ to rca adapter so you can play this on your iphone through your ghettoblaster.

RnB Millionaires – Go Outside

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I’ll live forever… And that’s a really long time.

About a weekend or so ago our good friend Rex Marshall aka Mattress played a show here in Oakland and he was kind of enough to bring me a copy of The Reservations cd. By time I received the cd my flask of scotch was empty so I can’t remember his answer but I do remember asking if I can give it away. I’m pretty sure he said yes. I really hope he said yes, cause here it is.

The entire cd is available to stream on The Reservations Bandcamp. Don’t be shy about giving them some money if you like it.

We’re starting to plan a show for The Reservations in September so keep an eye out for that.

The Reservations – Live Forever

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Squadda B (of Main Attrakionz) & Friendzone

Dylan Reznick & James Laurence are former members of Destroy Tokyo, Religious Girls and NoNewYork (well James was) and with their latest band Friendzone they take a stylistic turn away from all of that. Gone is most of the noise and furious beats, now using their gear to create a somewhat slower tempo electronic sound.

That one can rap to!

Friendzone produced two songs for Squadda B of Main Attrakionz. You can listen to the song “Focus” below. I’m hella digging this one.

Click here to download the tracks

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Shannon N’ Da Clams

Things are going pretty well for Oakland’s Shannon & The Clams. The Clams recently released a new full length album that even Pitchfork liked (which is available to stream right now at and are wrapping up a U.S. tour with Hunx and His Punx (which Shannon Shaw also plays in) next Saturday at Thee Parkside. Yesterday The Bay Bridged premiered a new video for Shannon & The Clams song “Sleep Talk”. It was directed by Hannah Lew of Grass Widow and it’s fucking cute as hell.

take a look

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No Babies is gonna fuck up the UK!

Another one of our local faves is heading out on tour this week. Upset The Rhythm is putting out No Babies full length and sending them to the UK to get the word out. If you know anyone on that side of the water I suggest you tell them not to miss No Babies play! Extra cool points if they go to one of the shows with Mi Ami. I’m actually kinda jealous we’re missing those shows. Damn brits having all the fun.

No Babies on bandcamp

No Babies UK Tour

Thursday 14 – London – Corsica Studios w/ Mi Ami + Diva
Friday 15 – Leamington Spa – Old Library w/ HUMAN HANDS + JACKDAW WITH CROWBAR + AMERICA ONLINE
Saturday 16 – Leeds – Cardigan Arms w/ Ghost Outfit & Cowtown
Sunday 17 – DAY OFF (wanna setupa show for us ANYWHERE?)
Monday 18 – London – Lexington w/ Gentle Friendly, Dustin Wong
Tuesday 19 – Manchester – Islington Mill w/ Mi Ami & FTSE 100
Wednesday 20 – Glasgow – 13th Note w/ Divorce, ETERNAL FAGS, GROPETOWN, NEIGHBOURHOOD GOUT
Thursday 21 – Bristol – Mother’s Ruin w/ Jelas
Friday 22 – Liverpool – Don’t Drop The Dumbells
Saturday 23 – London – Power Lunches
Sunday 24 – Cardiff – Undertone @ The Loose 2-FLOOR Easter All Dayer w/ THREATMANTICS
NO BABIES (Upset The Rhythm)

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